TIFF Day Twelve (?): The Recapination

TIFF Day Twelve (?): The Recapination

Another TIFF comes to a close and that can only mean one thing: Fest-end lists!

The Luis Bunuel Award (AKA the top ten films that I saw at the festival):
1) Taxi
2) Body
3) Anomalisa
4) The Witch
5) The Whispering Star
6) Our Little Sister
7) Schneider vs. Bax
8) Dheepan
9) Green Room
10) The Clan

The Ulli Lommel Award (AKA the ten worst films at the fest):
1) Hellions
2) Every Thing Will Be Fine
3) Collective Invention
4) Yakuza Apocalypse
5) Southbound
6) Cemetery of Splendor
7) Office
8) The Return of the Atom
9) Hitchcock/Truffaut
10) Bolshoi Babylon

The Edgar Wright Award (AKA the most fun and entertaining films at the fest):
1) Hardcore
2) Der Nachtmahr
3) Green Room
4) The Chickening
5) The Final Girls
6) My Internship in Canada
7) The Devil’s Candy
8) The Wave
9) The Witch
10) Schneider vs. Bax

The Jacques Demy Award (AKA the most beautiful films at the fest):
1) The Whispering Star
2) The Witch
3) The Devil’s Candy
4) Our Little Sister
5) Body
6) Anomalisa
7) The Forbidden Room
8) Schneider vs. Bax
9) Janis: Little Girl Blue
10) The Exquisite Corpus

The Question Mark Award (AKA my five most anticipated films that I missed at the fest):
1) The Lobster
2) High Rise
3) Sicario
4) Victoria
5) 3D Movie